Search Teams - Narcotics Detection

Our dogs are trained to detect the scent of various drugs such as cannabis, cocaine , heroin, MDMA and LSD. Our handlers are all strictly trained to industry standards such as NASDU or NTIPDU. Dogs have a keen sense of smell and can detect odors that humans cannot. With proper training, a search dog can detect certain items even if they are sealed in plastic or buried in something intended to mask the scent.


The deployment of our search dogs can be at a range of venues. We are often contacted by event organisers for the use of search dogs in entertainment venues big and small to help reduce the criminal activity at social functions, festivals, concerts and events. Working closely with the event organiser helps us to promote a safe environment for guests, visitors and staff. 


In addition to events our drug dogs are often used to combat the use of illegal drugs within the workplace. We have been deployed to business varying in size all over the UK, but all businesses have the common interest - a safe environment for their workforce and site visitors. We work closely with the business managers to create a bespoke search solution package to limit and ultimately prevent the use of illegal drugs within the workplace. 


Our detection handlers are well versed in operating in a people facing role. They are often first point of contact whilst deployed so we ensure that all our handlers are professional, smart and approachable with excellent communication skills.


Interior / exterior building sweeps - Vehicle searches - Staff passive screening - Passenger Searches - College Searches - Healthcare Establishments - Correctional Facility - Sporting Events - Music Festivals - Car Meets - Corporate Businesses - Factories - Packing Plants - Exhibition Centres - Visual deterrent - Staff Safety - Duty of Care


To see how our search teams can help your business or event security please contact us for further information.